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Finished Yarn

May 31, 2010

Do you remember the top I dyed & planned to knit into socks?

Here it is, all spun up:

What do you think? I am very please with the subtlety of the colours – this colourway is very unlike the colours I would usually choose – & I like them very much.

However – sock yarn this is not! I did not pay attention whilst spinning & I have ended up with a lovely 3 ply laceweight! (I must check the WPI)

My lovely friend Lisa emailed me today to say she planned to make the Gaenor  Shawlette with some silk laceweight that she had recently purchased from The Princess Rooms. I think this pattern will suit my yarn perfectly!

A pleasant hour was spent as I wrapped the yarn from bobbin to niddy-noddy, sitting in our attic. Some of the girls toys are in there, along with their dressing up box.

Introducing Baby Marigold

And ‘Daddy Pirate’

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  1. May 31, 2010 8:17 pm

    Oh it’s just gorgeous! I love it! We have been working with lucets this weekend and I love how the multicolored yarn turns out with it. I’ll be visiting your shop this week (and hopefully we’ll send the girls their penpal packages – sorry we’ve been sooooooo slow at it this time around!) – end of the year, I think!


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